Very glad I sold 100% of my BTC for HEX – & sold all my Shiba Inu today for even more

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I’m not licensed, this is certainly not financial advice, just sharing my path, my own personal choice; as everyone should use discernment, do their own research, and make choices being their own individual.

 I’ve been staked for some time, I guess one could say I’m a hexican.

The btc, Max Keiser – skull-n-bones/vest – black/white stripes, gig is up.

Buying something blindly, needing Michael Saylor to buy 1B just to keep people talking, after so long – it just starts to feel like something that is forced.

So, it certainly feels like a network of motives for the wrong reason.

The defi – AMM markets also will dip into BTC “buying more”, as btc stayed still for nearly 4-5 months, while the whales/hedgefund-stock-market feel also has left me with a completely bitter taste.

I didn’t go “underground” – lulz – to buy BTC to then watch all the Elon’s/Rich/Wealthy people think it was fun to tweet things and buy dips for even more profit.

You want to destroy, hope, you got it!

I think technology has perfectly synced into the human experience, helping people to foolishly buy sh!t coins.

They tapped into adults (with money to spend) and tap into the Facebook, (colors/images) dopamine, not to mention the biggest jack move


They can just say, now the coin/token is gone.

Even finding out now ( nov-2021 ), THEY BUILD IT INTO THE CODE



I’d truly hate to have invested very large quantities of money.

In fact, the AMM markets do “give access” but they also have an entire ego system of people buying coins that get rug pulls.

Crypto is like the Godzilla of the Wild Wild West.

NO RULES and people just take your money!


I’m glad to just be able to be still and save liquid USD until BTC hits about 10-15k, but even then I may have lost 100% of BTC interest altogether.

: )

Telegram Office Groups

WATCH for tricks/look-a-likes, with added letters

*** BEWARE *** 

There are even scammers in the telegram group, who WILL TRY AND MESSAGE YOU to get you to send them BTC, ETH, HEX, etc…

Now, I just recently, as in 2 days ago, (12-15-21) SAW there were NOT 1, BUT 2 – Look-A-Like groups, with exactly 30k members to match the original group, tricky.




2-22-23 – 14-Day Chart