John Clees – (Unspoken Principles) – With due in May

John Clees – Live-PA

Unspoken Principles

With due in May


Experiencing 3 or 4 versions of [free-working] software, over the course of 15 years, and seeing it get infiltrated, as I used Adobe Muse’s [Free Demo] to update my site for years until that was magically discontinued.

Surely, [Text-Data-Links] can’t be that hard.

Finally getting around to a very, very (5-6 year) long-awaited update, adding an SSL Cert – (new internet URL [padlock], icon standard), WordPress, and direct players.

Eventually, trying to link up all the hidden links that weren’t on my front page for years, trying to get things synced, finally, and mostly trying to bypass YouTube and SoundCloud. As far as I’m concerned they are pure, more or less, pretend 3rd party sites that make you pay to promote their own site, based on a complete, (autoplay) SYS-tem

With this moment, there is a similar 20-year Jupiter cycle, which we were back on 9-11-01.

Having a bit of fun, finally, letting go, getting some older stuff remastered & clearing the pallet, trying to get loose, recreate a better ecosystem; and putting things on my own site regarding other topics, mixes, and conversation.

* Current work in process