Donation Drives

 1st & 2nd

Clothing & Charity Drives

( T h e – D r o p – O f f )

1st Annual Detroit Donation Drive @ The Works

  • Seth Troxler – spectral / wagon repair / crosstown rebels / beretta
  • J Hunsberger – live pa – revolver / mutek
  • John Clees – redsoul / matrix / unfound
  • Patrick Russell – circus company / mentalux
  • Mike Grant – metroplex / mood & grooves Kikoman – rhumba muzik
  • John Johr – paxahau
  • Todd Weston – deep heat detroit / bang tech 12
  • Greg Campbell – ? special front room ambiant set
  • Another fund/cloths/food raiser for the homeless and those in need. Many struggle every day without food, clothing, or shelter.. $5 all night – (with) can goods * min of 2 $7 without donation and/or – after midnight $10 (after) 2 a.m. – $7 with donation * donations can also be an article of clothing / hats / mittens / t-shirts / sweatshirts / old coats / boots…. ect.. get there early – help support the bar – non-alcoholic drinks (also) available donated proceeds to DRMM- Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries “rebuilding the inner city, one life at a time” Each & every day, through this year DRMM programs touch the lives of over 1000 men, women and children.
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    • Cost$5 / $7 / or $10 ..see description

( T h e – R e d – T r e e )

2nd Annual Donation Drive for Detroit

To be continued…


Detroit Donation Drives


Detroit, MI

July 3rd

I’m very excited to announce.

[HOME] : Donation Drive : Homeless

John Clees w/ special guest : DJ Minx

1st Sunday’s of every month

( D e e p & M o o d y )

August / Rick Wilhite

2554 Grand River Ave.
Detroit, MI 48201

$5 w/donation: all night: get there early: doors open around 8.

In the past, some of asked so, a donation can be anything you can part with that may not fit or something you may not have use for.

Can goods, ANY article of clothing. hats / mittens / t-shirts / sweatshirts / old coats / boots / ect…

I heard the biggest thing that people need is shoes!

I’ve contemplated for over a year and instinctively feel obligated to do something positive for the community once again. after seeing grown adults in the middle of winter with temperatures below freezing and having nothing but a t-shirt on I can’t help but move forward and turn this into a monthly. I wish for this to be a continued gathering of minds to support and collect donations for the homeless in Detroit.

Please join us at a newly updated venue for many of us just to relax, hear quality music, while doing something which lifts the spirits to many of those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Detroit needs your help once again this year.

Donations will be given to D.R.M.M.

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Mike Grant – Live Dj Set @ TV Bar – Detroit : [HOME] : Donation Drive

256 kps / 86:51 mins.

I finally have mike grants set on from TV BAR; his last performance before he serves our country in Afghanistan for over a year.

I hope some may enjoy some positive energy.

Let our thoughts and prayers be with him.