ORANGE = [33]

ORANGE = [33]

Orange = [33] ~ Life IS math.
Also, that’s exactly why SoundCloud is just “randomly” Orange.

* Re: Gematria is a term that uses Words, Vowels, and Consonants, to extract numbers

** [“Christ CONsciousness”] is [33]

They tried with the sun/son story a bit, but muddied the message.
Yahweh and/or YHWH is the proper term, if you ever dove into the old Bible.
Not Zeus/Jes[us], reincarnated, as they are lame/filler boring fucs

* mnml thread:

“Whitney Webb” — WW = 33

Just like (W)onder (W)oman WW=33.

** Marilyn Monroe/MM =33;they’re all MTF deceptions/actors.

Now that I mentioned it, we “all went” to (W)orld (War), back to WW=33.

Police = 33 / Kennedy =33 / Michael who defeated the devil = 33 / Mason, I believe is 33