John Clees – (Unspoken Principles) : [ 03} – Coming Soon

*** Updated ***

Finally getting around to a long, long awaited update.
I’ve distributed links from my website and have been a source/distribution of mnml music for 20 years.
Thinking back, technically, my website even hit, just in one weekend, 1 million hits during the the 2001 – D.E.M.F. It was the year I pressed records and later that year, 911 happened.

I specifically remember Watts Distribution (which had been a bloodline), went out of business shortly after.
Right now, strangely enough – we are in some similar 20 year Jupiter cycle as we were back in 9-11-01.

I’d say conservatively, just my RRDD – Redsoul Records Digital Releases, have been downloaded over 100,000 times, which is not including any dj mixs, or hosted sets. The artist and dj mixes, which I’ve been posting distribution links on even dluv, Music forums, FB & my space for years, before there was even SoundCloud, many of these artist would then show up at the Detroit Pax festivals for years after.

Perhaps, it’s taken me 25 years of my “adult life” – but dare I say I’m finally getting organized.
All of which I did just doing things on my own, my own way, refusing to pretend to cater, and following my instinct 100%.
Its a nice thought what I could accomplish with calmness, tranquility, (quit drinking again) and say 50% focus vs. 5% before.

Having a bit of fun, finally, letting go/letting loose and truly putting thigs on my own site regard other topics, mixes and conversation. New Redsoul Records site
* Current work in process.

When I’m done, it will be rather nice to finally be able to have (at will), the option to play, download, and reach the actual content that’s still sitting in shadows on my server, old re-edits from 2013/2014, etc., all easily listenable/downable within seconds. Even noticing a Dan Bell mix, and a few more just sitting there with no direct links.


June 2021