John Clees

John Clees

5 Mastered Waves at Bandcamp for the first time.

Melodic Melodies Ep – [2002] w​/​Bonus Track

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Release 08/11/2022

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John Clees – Live DJ Mix – (Tuesday Tunnel Vision) – 100% Vinyl | 3-14-23

1 Hr. 57 Mins – 192 kbps
Raw | Unedited | Unrehearsed
Sharing more vinyl gem expressions at sunset…
Finally getting some levels corrected.
From my heart to yours.


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John Clees – Live Dj Mix – (Friday) – 100% Vinyl – 3.7 Hrs. – [2022]

temporarily turned off

– raw / unrehearsed / unedited

3.7 Hrs. | 225 mins.
192 kbps

John Clees – Live PA –

(Unspoken Principles)

Coming Next


Finally getting around to a 5–6-year, long-awaited update, adding an SSL Cert – (new internet URL [padlock], icon standard), WordPress, and direct players.

At this moment, there is a similar 20-year Jupiter cycle, which we were back on 9-11-01.

Having a bit of fun, finally letting go, getting some older stuff remastered; clearing the pallet, trying to get loose, and recreate a better ecosystem. Putting things on my own site regarding other topics, mixes, and conversations.

* Current work in process

Discogs Page: All Mastered Tracks

Direct Link: John Clees – Letting Go – 13 Tracks – [20 Years of] (2022, 1-192 | 3-WAVES | 9-320 MP3s, File) – Discogs

1. John Clees – Higher Thoughts – No Computer * 1999

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2. John Clees – Rainbows – * 2003

3. John Clees – Rubics Cube * 2001

4. John Clees – Women’s Soul * 2001

5. John Clees – Expansion * 2001

6. John Clees – Distant Temple * 2003

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7. John Clees – Blueberry * 2008

8. John Clees – Knowledge of the Secret Ingredient * 2001 Wave

9. John Clees – Red * 2008

10. John Clees – Spoke What * 2001 Wave – RR:01 Vinyl Release

11. John Clees – Purple * 2006 Remastered

12. John Clees – Solution * 2001 Wave

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13. John Clees – Energy Cycles * 2013

John Clees &: Seth Troxler – 7 AM at the Coney Remix

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* In memory of our dear friend Patrick

John Clees – Detroit Acid Rework – Ricardo Villalobos – Everywhere You Go – Remastered – [2021]

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RRDR: 12 – John Clees – Robbed Of Our Language

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RRDR: 11 – John Clees – Marty Mushrooms

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RRDR: 10 – John Clees – (Red) – [2021] : Remastered

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RRDR: 09 – John Clees – (Orange) – [2021] : Remastered

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RRDR: 08 – John Clees – (Telegraph) – [2021] : Remastered

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RRDR: 07 – John Clees – (Lost In Translation) – [2009]

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RRDR: 06 – John Clees Telepathic Energy – Live PA – Log @ Arma17 – Moscow

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RRDR: 05 – John Clees – (Purple) – [2021] : Remastered

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RRDR: 01 – John Clees – (The Funk Settlement) – The Cranbrook Art Museum

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African Diaspora – CD Project

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:Current Waves Online:

Spoke What – … 1.2022.WAV
Secret Ingredient – … t.2022.WAV * Never released on vinyl
US –

Self-Inflicted –
Solution –

John Clees – Live PA

(Telepathic Energy)

– L O G @ ARMA17: Moscow

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192 kps / 59 mins / 81 Mb


Perhaps once in countless lifetimes, one may get the chance to have an unexplainable spiritual connection with another being.

Feeling possible to have the ability to reach one another telepathically; potentially with the rotation and recycling of two souls that happened to collide once again after hundreds of years, having open communication without speaking.

Sharing thoughts yet having no conversation, it’s almost impossible to view connections to others in the same light afterward; as your view has changed forever.

ARMA17 is situated at a former giant industrial gas holding facility in the center of Moscow was a perfect way to feel artistic energy, feed on countless emotions, and express something extremely personal.

A very special thanks to Andrei Donine, the editor of magazine, and co-founder of Moscow’s Save Festival.

It was a true honor to perform and I wanted to share this very special evening with the world!

Please: feel free to pass this forward.

The intro : d e t r o i t !!!

Truly yours,

John Clees – Concept Reinterpretations V.3

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Recorded @ Eastern Market, Detroit – Special All Vinyl House Set

John Clees – Live DJ Set – (Detroit Loves Japan)

John Clees – Live DJ Set – (Tales From The Deep Side) – 4 Hrs

John Clees – Dj Set – (Waiting)

John Clees – Dj Set – Invisible Sunset

Episode 1

With Tesh Club closed for remodeling…

A new place was needed for our souls to visit.

A place where tranquility and peace of mind is a starting point.

Where expression is art…… before music.

And so, [Tesh Club Island] was born.


Tesh Club Island -Vol. 3.2 – John Clees Vs. Seth Troxler – Middle

John Clees Vs. Seth Troxler – Tesh Club Island – The Deep End

* * * * * ( 5 . 7 H O U R S ) * * * * *

At that moment in time

It was 4 years to the (exact) day that I quit drinking.

This mix will always be sacred to me

Thanks for sharing a moment Seth.

Played for 12 hrs

Recorded 6



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Tesh Club Island – Tesh Club Jams – The Deep End – John Clees Vs. Seth Troxler

Seth recently put together a 300-hour archive of DJ mixes that reminded us of the length of his career, from booking Magda for a party in Detroit aged 15 to becoming the underground’s biggest crossover success, playing everywhere from EDM festival stages to the throbbing rooms of the world’s best clubs and, most recently, a 20-metre art installation in a train station.

Anyone who’s grown up with Seth’s DJ sets could be forgiven for thinking that this has all happened in the blink of an eye, but he’s been gigging for 20 years now and has spent the last 10 as a fully-fledged superstar DJ, with residencies around the world and documentaries on the BBC.

Known for his charisma and love of the party, he’s never lost sight of the fact that a DJ is only as good as the record bag they bring with them.

We’ve chosen 12 of his best mixes…

and put them in chronological order to tell the story of a DJ who can bang a party but is intent on showing that there’s more to music than peak-time club sets.


And the Tesh thing? It’s the result of an in-joke about how Germans pronounce ‘techno’.