Sonja Moonear

Sonja Moonear – ( To The Light ) – [ 01 ]


It just so happens, as fate would have it.

The stars would be aligned and our very first ever podcast in over 10 years falls in the hands of Sonja Moonear.

She is known for releases on : perlon : karat : : kalk pets : & others. In the land of blogs, podcast and safe music, the funk element I find missing so often. She most certainly doesn’t disappoint.

It’s been years since I decided to have an extremely limited podcast series where quality over quantity was the foundation. I’ve been trying to get something of quality for far too long and I’m truly excited to kick off our first one, (this may be hard to follow) to easily one of my favorites and most talented djs on the planet.

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Sonja Moonear – ( To The Light ) – [ 01 ]

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