* Download the “SKY MAP” App ———-Learn about the stars that are RIGHT ABOVE YOU WATCHING & FLICKERING….

Another GOD DAMN thing….

You want to “BLOCK the MOON” flickering…… Perhaps it’s best, so people don’t panic.
Mother Earth is “giving us a new lens” —- rotate the lenses on the microscope.
The term “Sun-Kiss” — just appeared, just chance 


MOMA Earth is happy.

Get the SKY MAP- APP, you can see your stars (even WITH CHEMTRAILS), as you can/will see, the PINWHEEL in the sky, as the STARS FLICKER, and shine upon you.

* Download the “Sky Map” it’s amazing, and point it up at the sky.
** Take Screen shots of the app, Hold Power button and down on your phone (should trigger a “Screen Shot”) and capture, “them”, as they are watching and are right ABOVE YOU.
It’s a simple, mnml app, no-nonsense, no clicking, just “point up”, and it will show you ALL those magical stars ABOVE you, and how they are so much closer than one thinks, and how lovely, but more specifically, how MAGICAL the spot where you are, actually IS.
* Side Stepping Chem/CON-trails, fck um.