* Correct your lower back problems with a $40 Ab Roller — POP your T1/S5 joint using your OWN body weight

This post is a decade in the making, literally.

Being a triple Gemini, (living a double life), 8 hours a day at the corp job, and 8-15-20 day at night, working/listening/digging with music, “sitting” in a chair, for that long, over decades, made me have MASSIVE lower back pain.

We sit when we “relax”, sit down to eat, on the computer, watch TV, drive a car, etc….

* In the end, you NEED your S1/T5 bone (near the tailbone) CRACKED, as much as possible.
** I used to go from popping it once every few weeks to 3 times a day, to ZERO back spasms, and I may need to correct every few months, which now goes “tink” tiny subtle noise vs a POP before it was corrected.
*** Meaning, I wasn’t sure, no one TOLD ME, but I thought, “Something that feels that good, can’t be bad”; and I slowly, over the course of 5–8 years did this more and more, and now, I haven’t had a back spasm in years 


It’s simple, using a round object and your own body weight.

It took me, perhaps 8 years to figure this out, as I’ve paid $1000’s in (2 hour/90 mins)Trigger Point massages for years, Chiropractic (99% don’t even know how or even have the table to address this, EXACT adjustment), and EVEN attempting “Float Tank Therapy”, which, in the end, NOTHING gave it relief. 


Talk about another TRILLION-dollar idea I give away.
In the end, after speaking/paying Dr’s, the “professionals”, etc, NOTHING helped, until I found the fucking solution myself 

** Direct Link: $40 Dicks Sporting Goods/Ab Roller :https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/fitness-gear-pro-resistance-ab-wheel-22fgeuprrsstncbwheac/22fgeuprrsstncbwheac?sku=22807460&srsltid=AfmBOopdv328Oy–1UOr0UJEFQq3tJpGJ2m1Sn6_7l6BgriTY-s3yca-Ok4

And if I need to solve any other worldly fucking human problems, let me know — I’ll be at my desk.


* Your body will resist, you will go in breathing increments, then you will “give” and hold that position, JUST as your meme shows it’s the MAIN thing we do is bend forward, so POPPING your S1/T5 [IS] the SOLUTION.

** You can use your heels to reposition, and try “holding a position for about 1-2 mins, pay attention to your breathing, then you will “GIVE” and then be able to sit there —- your body will resist, this is natural.

** I went from doing “it”, POPPING once every few weeks to 3 times a day, (WWE battle – As I slowly gained confidence, did it more and more, and used to jokey say, “You wanna go” and then go POP it), vs. being “intimidated by pain” — until now is a little “TINK” sound it makes every few months when it needs minor correction.
I used to have an old gf tell me, I heard that, as I used to pop it daily before bed.


This is GIGANTIC, and made a MONUMENTAL difference in my life. I thought I’d share and help.
Be well & MAGICAL mofucca!