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Go to site : MNML.NLowing up on Sonja's podcast mix wasn't going to be an easy task.

It's my true pleasure to finally present our second podcast. Following up on Sonja's podcast mix wasn't going to be an easy task. 

With some people waiting: 1 year: and others going on: 2 years: I feel extremely honored to have one from him so unexpectedly soon. Organic and natural seems to be the way our podcasts are taking form and this is no exception. 

Jay's release output is hard not to take notice. He has a gigantic release roaster with over 16 ep's: 33 credits: including releases on labels such as 20:20 Vision, Mixmag, Defected, Bla Bla Records, Fear Of Flying, and many more.

It's very rare do people create trends and not follow them. Not many have an option to create a lovely balance of true funky minimal mixed with quality minimal house as part of their arsenal. 

This mix is everything I enjoy in a mix : weird, deep, moody, and eclectic. It most certainly takes you on a journey. This one speaks a little more with each listen. It's the kind of mix that makes you feel sad it's ended, has you selfishly thinking it should be longer, and feels like it takes at least 10 listens to slowly get your mind around it. 

He most certainly doesn't disappoint and everyone is sure in for a real treat!

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......................................... ( to be continued ) .......................................


It just so happens as fate would have it. The stars would be aligned and our very first ever podcast in over 10 years falls in the hands of Sonja Moonear. She is known for releases on : perlon : karat : ruta5.org : kalk pets : & others. In the land of blogs, podcast and safe music, the funk element I find missing so often. She most certainly doesn't disappoint. It's been years since I decided to have an extremely limited podcast series where quality over quantity was the foundation. I've been trying to get something of quality for far too long and I'm truly excited to kick off our first one, (this may be hard to follow) to easily one of my favorite and most talented djs on the planet.

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July 3rd

Detroit, MI 48201

2554 Grand River Ave.


* August / Rick Wilhite

( D e e p & M o o d y )

- 1st Sunday's of every month

John Clees w/ special guest: Dj Minx

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I'm very excited to announce.





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