History, Our Timeline, and the Fraud Posse

From my understanding:

They missed the most important year of all of them.

In 1775, Ben Franklin, was indeed a British spy, who borrowed 1.5M franks.

* Reviled in the secret vaults of PA

He, specifically, put the US into bankruptcy for APX 70 years afterwards.

Fictitious Grammar Contracts

Written with trickery intent:

  • SPECIFIC placements written with “LONG DASHES” which exclude (any/all) things in between, tricking the United States for 70 years afterwards.
  • Specific placements of “italicized” words also “remove”.
  • Specific placements of adverb, adverb, pronoun, etc. – “removes the facts”, in legal “agreements”, which most people weren’t aware of, now, or then.

In 1999, the United States came out of its 3rd Bankruptcy.

* Title 39.101 (Subsection A & Subsection B)

The founding forefathers weren’t there again to sign the constitution, which then expired, which put the flag “open to capture or copyright” aka take over, which the US CORP (wasn’t aware of), and now and has continued to pretend it has the charter to navigate.

Nancy Pelosi has referred to this on live video as “an old Relic from the past”, “but, we all have a job to do”.

No, Nancy, facts aren’t “relics”and yes, you’re a paid actor.

Similar, to the old childhood game, (capture the flag), well, that is literally what happened, as there is a new commander in chief (not syn taxed spelling), meanwhile, the US CORP pretended to “take over” the “former United States”, as you ONLY, now see (Yellow Fringe) on the flag, which literally means we are AT WAR with the citizens.

The SPEAR – ON TOP of the flag

Means anything below it is invalid

It’s to my deep understanding, our so called Constitution, which to everyone and everything is the pretend “Cornerstone” of understanding navigation, “to be free”, expired in 1999, using the constitution as a guide, NOT TO Mention — wait for it…

They, themselves, ARE ON & in a birth certificate system.

They don’t have the right to “think or be a fact” either, as (those born “under” a Birth-Certificate) system, are ALL – “LOST AT SEA”, “don’t have the ability to think for ourselves” – aka CORP FICTION.

So, our own birth certificate:

A nurse (just doing her job) STAMPS a baby, (hands & feet), signing a NEWBORN – INTO – a contract, literally, (for us, unwilling), BEFORE a baby physically “hits land”, which – IS the PIVOT point!

This is the GOLD STANDARD, pivot point, of ( H O W ) – we “enter into” a contract before we even are put in a cradle at the hospital

More specifically, pretend “lawmakers”, congress, and fake presidents, don’t have the authority as they claim #1, and #2 they are all, 100% fake actors.

So, their CORP-FICTION birth certificate, which disqualifies “us” from thinking or “being a fact” ALSO, disqualifies them

How’s that for a – (yoke the joker moment).

Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat