Recorded in 2001

The $hit (John Clees – The Final $hit Remix)- Vol. 2

Sean Deason’s – (A2) The $hit (John Clees – The Final $hit Remix)- Vol. 2 – Matrix 8
Direct Download Link:$hit.Remix.Vol.2.MATRIX.8.2021.mp3

  • Recorded in 2001

The $hit : 2003 Remixes – Volume Two

The pressing plant had made a mistake when this record was pressed.
Side A was mislabeled as Side B and vice verse.

The Christian Bloch Mix is labeled as Kelli Hand Mix.
The John Clees Mix is – labeled – as Dimitri Pike Mix.

Websites that have sold this EP in the past, as well as currently, reflected the wrong audio samples [as well as] – the record printed on the wrong side, reflecting the wrong artist.

A2 – The $hit (John Clees Mix) – Remix – John Clees

Sean Deason – The Shit : 2003 Remixes – Volume Two
Label: Matrix (6) – MATRIX 8 & Redsoul Records
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: US
Released: Jan 30, 2004 & 9-23-21
Genre: Electronic

This was my first “leap of faith”, giving my music to another label to be released, as I found out years later, there was quite a buzz surrounding this record, but it wasn’t until someone on soul seek, actually, years ago, suggested I make an edit on the Discogs page.

Oddly enough, still looking back, not a single person “mentioned” it was printed on the wrong side, yikes! I guess people were too busy clout chasing. Lulz.

Be Well!