Daniel Bell at STRP Festival Eindoven – [2007]

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Daniel Bell at STRP Festival Eindoven – [2007]

00:00 jichael mackson – schnurz (hartchef 14)
07:00 alessandro crimi – dubweiser
09:00 federico Molinari – enerverende
14:00 lemos and chevy – womans key (ali nassers deepness)
18:00 unknown – floete & clarinette
23:00 minimal man – treatment feel
27:00 daniel mehlhart – wach werden
32:00 david labeij – choose red
36:50 Stereofuse – Royal Flash
42 min – St. Germain – Rose Rouge (Unknown Redit)
47:00 Ray Valioso – Einladung EP
51:00 Marlon D – Jesus Creates Sound
63:00 lemos and chevy – womans key (fresh fried remix)
68:00 Audio Werner – before
72:00 SLS – The Stick Up (SLS Remix 2)
77:00 trusme – war – stilove4music
79:00 Matt John – Trampolin (Audion remix)

Real Name: Daniel Bell

Profile: While living in Detroit during the 90’s, Daniel Bell created a new musical vocabulary for techno music based on “Blips” and “Bleeps” and streamlined repetitive rhythms. His music went on to influence a generation of producers from Josh Wink and Richie Hawtin to the minimal house sound in Germany.
Best known for his timeless classic “Losing Control” and releases on his label Accelerate.

Sites: daniel-bell.comFacebook

Aliases: DBXDrum-Adi-XGazooKB ProjectPhanatikIn Groups: CybersonikNarod NikiSpawnTiny RobotVoyant Inc

Variations: Viewing All | Daniel BellBellD BellD-BellD. BelinD. BellD.BellDan Bell

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