*** Updated ***

Finally getting around to a long, long awaited update, adding an SSL Cert – (new internet url lock icon standard), WordPress, and direct players. All direct links synced up once more, only this time passing Youtube and Soundcloud completely.

I have been a source/distribution of mnml music for 20 years.
Thinking back, technically, my redsoulrecords.com website even hit, just in one weekend, 1 million hits during the the 2001 – D.E.M.F, as that was the year I pressed records. Later that year, 911 happened. I specifically remember Watts Distribution (which had been a bloodline), went out of business shortly after. Right now, strangely enough – we are in some similar 20 year Jupiter cycle as we were back in 9-11-01.

Having a bit of fun, finally, letting go, trying to let loose; and truly putting thigs on my own site regard other topics, mixes and conversation.

New Redsoul Records site https://redsoulrecords.com/
* Current work in process.