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Full acceptance of being a human is a simple, but yet complicated thought process…

One thought led into another – just my take of course…

Full acceptance of being a human is a simple but yet complicated thought process sifting through all of man made spellcraft, so it’s not simple & easy, but yet it is.

All man made religions are RA aka SUN/son gawds – isRAel, iRAn, iRAq, quRAn, abRAham. toRAh, etc. All borrowed from the generation before. Classic divide/conquer tools. Nothing is ever “new under the sun/son”.

RA=SUN Gawd, which is attached to the Saturn rings in most corp logos, which is attached to the Gawd of War.  The pretend blasphemes “cross” actually folds into the cube, which men wear on their head, and they circle around a cube for “religions purposes”, (how old does your religion book allow old men to married children under the age of 8, yeah, look into that bridge), which a cube/stone is also connected to the freemasons, who even have a “corner stone” ritual.

“Gawd” is even capitalized by Grammarly, which is why or some new-age rhetoric of “christ conscience”, has recently surfaced as of late.  It’s still closer to the truth, per se, but still a lie. Being human, we all have 33 disc in the human spine. Also, looking back in history at the historical records, the letter “J” wasn’t even a written option at that specific  historical time period, blah blah. * More divide, my way is the best not yours, religion is the best rhetoric.

I’ve heard the term “English is demonic”, as it’s “written left to right“, which the Hebrew/Greek/Aramaic languages that were first written, were right to left.

Personally, I think this could explain being dyslexic and children who “struggle” with this are just more tapped into other lifetimes. Eastern Indian cultures believe one has 12-17 lifetimes, and believe you have to vibrate at a 77% spiritual level before passing on. As the old saying goes, “lessons repeat” & Deja vu (felt this feeling before) most certainly does occur.

So, when one says, or speaks about “being human”…. there are indeed many “human layers” attempting to clout judgement.

Then you have, for example – Geocentric the earth does not move science, that has predicted/projected the moon cycles and ellipses for 1000’s of years, since at least 200 AD. It’s the only proven science that ever existed but has been completely diluted, and now, through social constructs is attacked. Perhaps that is part of the process of breathing in 80/20 (80% falsehoods w/20% truths) into culture, slow introduction ratio of truths? Either that, or through “instant” communication in real time, the truth will always move forward and all the falsehood dots can be connected.

Also to add, I’ve seen video a of a Grandmother being interviewed who said they taught both Geocentric & Heliocentric view points when she was growing up, to which I’ve heard multiple sources speak about teaching Geocentric (the earth does not move) science as late as the 1900’s.

Just newly hearing about the carnivals or “state fairs” that “popped” up in the mid 1800’s, that “gave away certificates” for the “new science”, which would explain very clearly that the heliocentric lie is perhaps only 150  years old vs. this 15th century new science, as it’s new state fairs more or less that had new history to study and even, literally, you “got a diploma” at these state fairs that started to pop up. * We see what you did there.

Even the term GAWD comes from: “The GAWD of Finances”, which is also know as the “devil”. Even the 666 rhetoric sales pitches, are in fact, sacred geometry but they push Satan in cultures, getting into the minds of the youth, spinning several layers, and stories, so one doesn’t really know who or what to believe.

Just recently, I’ve been called a “5%-er“, as most want the general public to be “dumbed down” while only 5% are aware/awake. I’m the opposite, my wish is to have everyone be vibrating at 100% creating, a creative uplifting “heaven on earth” – in THIS lifetime.

So, telling you something which isn’t true is part of the game/culture that we live in, currently at the moment, unfortunately.  I apologize for the rant, but it’s relevant to your reply, imo.

I was a Christian for over 20 years and suffered from massive anxiety most of the time. You can’t pray to angels and not open portals for demons, and it’s very much wishful thinking believing – “only the good guys” come, as that is a dangerous spellcraft theory. Accepting a creator, not choosing a “side”, and being Agnostic, (NOT an Atheist – which is you believe nothing happen out of something/randomly into human eyes..lulz.); has brought me more peace, and tranquility than I’ve ever had in my life. If I had to stick to one religious belief system, 1st testament-ish, it would be the Hebrew interpretations of the 10 commandments which warns 3-4 times about “false idols“.

So, most things, any/all, that have been – “handed to you” come with spellcraft.  Even “Amen/Amon” is a copycat form  of an Egyptian sun gawd. One can’t even be handed that without spellcraft.  A pivot from “understanding there is a creator vs. being forced to pick a religion” could, single-handedly be the most damaging “act” mankind has ever deviously done through social constructs.

To completely trick man, subtlety through another fake strawman (Black Law’s – Legal definition – Red Herring / Distraction / Psychology tactic), implemented through social pressure/society to (pick one), and shifting all of our human experience (for generations) knowing — just to name 1, Joel Olsteen – who drives to church in a $350,000 Ferrari; as they do that on purpose.  They know, we know, in our hearts they are frauds/fake, but then to “accept a higher power”, we “have to pick one”.

The US government is, literally, the story of the book, “The Rat Who Stole My Cheese.” – Story of 2 rats, one rat only eats from the same food source, while the other ventures off to do something harder, while the other constantly kept eating the from the same food source until it stopped completely – aka China cheap electronic goods.

It’s pretty simple, create engineering programs – 2D AutoCAD for electrical, Catia for 3D CAD, which will phase out SOLIDWORKS shortly, and and even my old employer DCS – Dimensional Control Systems for efficient tolerance analysis software, which can save companies millions in scrap. Then create free schooling/programs, specifically for engineering. I’m not sure how/why that was so complicated. Perhaps this is my personal Dear Abby letter.

This “system” is done with intent which then creates fear & hopelessness, the need for g*vernments, which then turned a “WE THE PEOPLE”, quite a republic, into a world wide “empire” without checks/balances, as there has been at least a 50-60 year run of pollute the rivers, poison the oceans, pay everyone only at the top, “shop till you drop”, 1st generation credit card boomers in the 50-60’s era, of complete none accountability, but more specifically, they, and their motives, or prove of belief, was NEVER even questioned until my generation.

Also to note, Churches for profit/control systems, literally get “paid to lie” and/or “not tell the full truth”…
They can/do use a 501c3 “application” to not share truth “for money”, literally, like Elon Muskit who made BACK DOOR agreements to get 3-4 (B)illion in “tax credits” to keep the rich wealthy, to deceive, (the usual ingrediencies), to “tell half truths” to the public. AKA cars outside low earth orbit – under our firmament/dome, and rockets certainly dont randomly land backwards, just because their own employees (who they pay), were in video’s clapping (again), and “displaying” rockets landing backwards. WE SEE YOU!

So, when one says, “you’re human“, sure, but there were also stars or “Geometry”, mathematical sequences, that are a fact in your timeline.  Your own individual, unique human experience. Becoming aware of who you truly are IS a threat, which is why any/all things to actually learn about yourself are spun into 3/4 layers of fear, and purposely diluted truths, to confuse our human experience.

Each person has five signs. Where the stars were located when they were born. Sun sign (traditional), Moon, Rising (which is supposed to be more like your personality apparently), Leo and Mars – I’m a triple Gemini.

In closure, re: star charts — they would perhaps considered to more parts to your story, another birth chart, another story if you will, (nothing to bet crypto on – or make life decisions), but knowing just WHO you are is everything, which is NEVER going to be handed to you, and empowering the public is the opposite of govern-ment aka con-troll.

Govern (from Greek “kuberna” – to guide) (+) Ment (from latin “mente”- mind) = Mind Control

Learning to really trust, honor, follow your instinct is everything. We’re certainly not taught that, their has been for decades manipulated efforts to “control public opinion”, but that only worked in a non-digital environment, and now that things can no longer hid in the shadows of lies and spellcraft.

Nothing new “under the son/sun” as they say — just 3/4rd generations of man copying itself, and telling about fake history, dilution of the truth, and the “stars” are the only thing truthful, without man’s interruption, as they can’t hid our flat plane or the giant pinwheel in the sky.

Gleason’s New Standard Map of The World – Flat Earth Map – 1892

Romans 13:13