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In as little as 36 hours:

I had ZERO odor under my arms and didn’t need deodorant – as if it corrected two decades of bad pH in less than a 2 day cycle.

Using 1 pint bottle with 1/3 YT with 2/3rds water for two days in a row, literally helped adjust and correct my own body’s pH so much to the point where I had ZERO odor under my arms and didn’t need deodorant, at all, in any way. I couldn’t really believe it. Even writing this reminds me to do this more often.

I’ve rinsed my eye with urine using an standard eye wash kit (using the plastic eye rinse tool), and by doing so (after 4 days of pain) it corrected my eye after poking it on a tree branch after doing landscaping. My eye was very sore for 4-5 days, I became worried; rinsed occasionally for 2 days in a row and my eye corrected itself completely. I’m not even sure I’ve read or saw anyone do this, so this for me was a leap but when it comes down to eye site I’m not taking chances, and knowing from my own personal experience it had literally worked with everything I tried before, I wasn’t going to take a chance and “not try”.

Just using a simple brush in the shower from time to time, I’ve also help correct toenail discoloration that I had for years.

It’s also good for depression, wrinkles, and can even be used for energy/caffeine like use as well.

I’ve also consumed through my nose during an allergies attack, (2 years in a row now) – it’s usually a 3 day attack that typically happens yearly and half way through it dissolved itself with zero consumption of pharmaceutical drugs. This was my own personal experience, which took me a year to even get my mind around which container to use.

Truly, not a lot is needed, (one formula I saw was 1 cup or 1/2 cup with juice), even as of this past year one women mentioned, which I thought was clever, using a tongue dropper and using the application under the tongue. This seems most efficient to me. I utilized a Vicks nose spray bottle and was able to use it with my UT during my yearly allergy attack.

Your body can/will do self checks on self help/health/personal balance in the completely acidic food environment maze one is expected to swim through.

The following was my own experience, which took years to process my own trial & error experience, slowing building trust, slowing seeing results time and time again, so I would say this entire process took 3-4 years to conclude to also share some context to it.

Ask your Dr. if you can produce something for free to eliminate their job and ask him/her what they’ll say.

John Clees

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