ARRR Privacy Chain — Similar to Monero — as the old saying goes, “buy the rumor – SELL the news

by John Clees » Fri May 14, 2021 1:58 pm

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Never “Financial Advice” – just simply sharing little pockets of tidbits that “could” someday be valuable

This is a privacy coin very similar to Monero — as the old saying goes, “buy the rumor – SELL the news”.

I found this at CoinEx exchange and also bought the CoinEx token (as it was the first exchange to offer ARRR Privacy Chain), and as I just heard this coin may shortly end up on bigger exchanges.

Jeff Berwick from Dollar Vigilante said he mentioned this at .05 and now it’s worth $8.

I’m sitting on some just recently – I bought in ARRR at $5.80, which is now $8, and the CoinEx token for $0.073, which is now $.12.

Not many I will mention, as I’ve covered ELON fuckboy coins, defy process/exchanges, and setting up a wallet – but on an extremely rare occasion, (perhaps I should merge them into one thread), certain/specific things are worth mentioning from time to time.

Jeff Berwick from DollarVigilante
I’ve been following for well over a year now.
Not too much I can even tolerate on youtube even anymore.

ARRR Privacy Chain Info: