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Redsoul Records : Digital Release [RRDR 06]


John Clees - Live PA - (Telepathic Energy) LOG  @ ARMA 17 : [Moscow]

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Perhaps once in countless lifetimes, you get the chance to have an unexplainable spiritual connection with another being. Feeling possible to have the ability reach one another telepathically. Potentially with the rotation and recycling of two souls that happened to collide once again after 100's of years. Having open communication without speaking, sharing thoughts yet having no conversation. it's almost impossible to view connections to others in the same light after wards. Your view has changed forever. ARMA17 is situated at a former giant industrial gas holding facility in the center of Moscow was a perfect way to feel artistic energy, feed on countless emotions, and express something extremely personal. a very special thanks to Andrei Donine, the editor of mixtura.org magazine and co-founder of Moscow's Save Festival. It was a true honor to perform and I wanted to share this very special evening with the world ! Intro : D e t r o i t